Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Early Entrepreneur: The Dropout Kid!

Why start early?  They said ' early to bed, early to rise, makes somebody healthy, wealthy and wise'.  Sage saying, but cannot be more true.

It came through self realization.  I understand that it is about safety vs liberty.  The liberation of entrepreneurship is mind boggling.  I have been a salaried work horse and a consultant, and believe me - I envy entrepreneurs.  It is no point in working on somebody else's idea or through somebody else's way.  For the sake of financial security, we do lot of compromises.   As you grow older, these compromises are surrounded by commitments.  And these commitments eat up one's thirst to excel and innovate. 
The purpose of dropping out of school is to gain time

'Security' is nothing but salary hitting your bank on the first week of the month.  Once you get past that, which is very difficult, especially if you start later - is the sweet fruit of entrepreneurship.   And a small word on this security - there is more than one instance, where a small difference, I have seen, can end a tenure - which seemed to enticing and safe.  In fact, the safety in an job is that you can always 'quit', while in entrepreneurship, you are the most responsible guy around.  So unless you are willing to bear the ultimate responsibility and risks, then entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea.

And, to that, what is the best time? When you have either nil or minimal risks - when you are a student!!!  The greatest entrepreneurs of this world - Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson and Walter Disney, to name a few, quit studying to actually doing something about an idea they had.   In fact, an observation in a Forbes article relates to how making an entrepreneurship cut is more exhilarating than a high school sophomore.

   “The dynamic of managing people and being CEO in a company is a lot different than being college roommates with someone.” - Mark Zuckerburg
Mark Z enjoyed the benefits of early entrepreneurship

All of these entrepreneurs had one thing in common- impatience to get an idea to work, and monetizing it.  Innumerable hiccups and goof-ups later, they became of what we know them.  But the most important asset they had, was not only the idea or willing to execute, but was time on their side.  Because, once you get started, the next idea is to see the growth through - each of these early entrepreneurs own companies and have personal wealth worth billions of dollars.  

But the whole point here is not about dropping out - it is how time is the most important asset for an entrepreneur.  Hence the imperative to start early.   The second upside is that of minimal risks.  Now with a fostered environment that we can offer, you get your curriculum done, and also start as entrepreneur.

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