Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wrong side of the bed...

These days, it may not be wrong to say that I always wake up on the wrong side of the bed, almost everyday.  

Refer to my earlier blog, the inner voice wakes me up early with a fresh mind - without the regular caffeine - so it is like a wakeup more meta-physical than physical.  

For the inner calling, the side of the bed does not matter.   I just prance about, drink a glass of water, hit the pot and then blink at the distant lights of the tall buildings and the silhoutte of the hill nearby.   Finally, I hang up with a shut eye.

Cut to couple of hours later - this time, with some sense of accomplishment,  I wake up with the sun already up in the sky, and the day begins.   I try to do that thing the inner voice says - it seems an OK day - till I realize that something I did was wrong, very wrong... I start to wonder - which side of the bed did I get out?

-The One

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