Saturday, October 29, 2011

Inner voice

Last two months have been tough... it started about 8 weeks ago -what happened doesn't matter.   But what caused it was social networking naivity, and some fiscal mismanagement.  

Apparently, did not realize that both can get entangled, and give me a triple whammy -  set my clock back by almost a year, in alien territory,  walking almost naked, well in terms of repute - which will require a monumental effort to build.   Add to this some health woes - this is a quadriplegic emergency of all one can think - health, wealth, body and mind. 

To think of a constant endeavor with travesty of a banal kind, but that can wreck unspeakable damage to repute, and to live with it, smiling but untie the knot slowly is going to be the rest of the journey of this phase perhaps.

Not sure, what one does in this situation will work, or when this will all end, is not known.   But sleepless nights, staring out at the distant lights just before dawn, has been somewhat a trend these days.

Then, the inner voice speaks.  It alerts, of the possible danger behind that bush... and what I got to do for the day... keep smiling, lie low, but watch out for this - anticipate. that ... and do that act of the day.    That voice has been speaking for one week now ...

Well, dont know what it is, and what will happen... the ship was out to sail and now it is stuck in a tempest... can see the rogue wave coming,  and another... the voice says - watch out, work the sail ...

The shore is yet to be seen, the tempest continues... the inner voice just spoke again...

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