Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stone Henges of the Mind...

How often would you want to put the cart before the horse?  You want success before hardwork. 

Well, I can give you one good reason.   When you are in penury, especially as a result of your own making. The fall from repute and the financial chokehold is too much for the lung to bear.   Breathing is shallow, heart beats faster, and mind is desperate for ideas.  'Impatience under pressure' is the operating word.  

Is it good to get through this tunnel of torrid times?   Is there a proverbial light at the end?  How to escape this self-made warp of space and time?  Is this a LIFE changing moment? 

This tunnel ain't new though.  Have been through it in 2003, 2006, 2009, and now, 2011.  Everytime, have made the tunnel longer and narrower.  So this time, it is tougher to navigate through.  All I want to right now is to come out of this warp.  

But, unlike the Maya, which makes people forget such times, this SHOULD be etched in my otherwise fickle memory? 

Hope now the experience stays and there are no more tunnels in the future. Let this piece of prose be etched in the Stone Henges of the Mind.

-The One

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