Thursday, August 15, 2013

Independence Day Blog - 2013 : Free, as in free!

Waking up, it has been a lazy and a slow start August 15th for me. And I just realized that it was our independence day.  Unusually active, my kid rushed to the bath.  He told me that he would wear the Blue India Jersey ( has flag in it) and his muddied white trouser.  I insisted he dress up in white and white, pristine - in kurta etc.,   He felt a little baffled by my chastising him.   And then I let him go.
Too much of self criticism and intolerance!

Then in the silence, I thought, was I too wound up and strung?  Was I too critical of myself and him, that I did not see the little kid's self thought, desire?  Was I curbing his freedom to think?

So, was he really enjoying his freedom?  Well, he was responsible enough.  On time for the flag hoist.  Dressed in India colors, and white.   All of his own thoughts and imagination?.   Then why did I criticize him?

As Indians, are we being too self-critical?  Has this seeped into every walk of our life?  Do we really enjoy our freedom?   A truly free nation, society or people, should never kill such pure, simple thoughts of creativity, originality - irrespective of where it originates.

So, what is that fundamental thing I realize today?

Tolerance and appreciation of individual characters, deeds and innovation.  Appreciating privacy.   This could be personal, lingual, religious aspects of life.  Giving space and appreciate each little thing, is the true essence of freedom.  And we are missing these, big time, these days.
Let us be positive and build self esteem

We may have our indiscipline, unhygienic stuff.  I hate jumping of signals, spitting on roads, like most Indians.   I hate corruption.  Everyday,  the national television hosts multiple personalities and high strung anchors hollering how bad everything is.   The newspaper headlines scream one bad news or another.  But amidst all these, we are beautiful people.   Like my kid.   And we are too high strung, like me.

It is time for us to step back, enjoy those little things of personality, appreciate and tolerate some of those uniqueness of personality - in religions, society and many other ways.


- Ashok Speaks

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