Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finding a co-founder - 2

This time, we visit the most important aspect of finding the co-founder.  This is called a co-vision.  This is the basis on which the co-founders shall connect.  This is something that cannot change over a period of time.   This is not an option and cannot be point of disagreement.  Broadly, the thoughts have to be in sync, and therefore, the vision is signed in blood.

Now what is a vision about? This is about a cause.  This need not be a social cause.   It has to solve a problem of some sense, any sense, and that is basically creating value.  A vision creates value.  But an application, product or device that solves a problem is only one aspect of the business.  A company can actually create multiple products. So are we in the game to create one product only? That is a call that the co-founders need to take.

One can be a co-founder in multiple companies based on common visions created.  In that case, some of these visions are single, short term and need not last for a life time.   Now, large organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Flipkart have a long term vision.  This vision is sustained over a period of time and not dictated by one single instant of agreement.  This is key for an organization's co-founders to be aware at the early stage. 

What is a vision?  There is a cause that one person has, and broadly other people agree.  The finer aspects can be worked out, considering other five attributes.  However, the agreement on the vision is the most important thing for the long term success of an organization, especially between co-founders. 

- Ashok Subramanian

(C) Cherunathury Tech Ventures 2014


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