Sunday, September 22, 2013

Enlightened Entrepreneur : The show will go on...

It is the right of a human to dream.  The dream creates the colors, the tone, the hue of this magic journey that we call life.  In our professional lives, everyone of us has dreams.  To discover dreams, we enter this world of enterprises, which again is a mish-mash of dreams of every one of us.

But like life, dreams also have a start and an end.  That is reality.  When we tie our dreams with others, and the others give up, the dream shatters.  But depending on one, and his or her conviction on his/her own dreams, the dream morphs.   The dream can remain a dream as long as one does not get his hands, feet and teeth behind it.   I mean, each dream needs a bodily form to become a reality.   
Do the soil analysis, before the sapling
is planted.   Once planted, stay with it to grow

How much would you flinch, when the reality is not as cushion-like as you think?   Sometimes, the ability to look only at the target, and not anything else, will help one override this friction. I believe that is the only answer.  You can take a person along with you, and forge a vision that he or she also can visualize. But when the dream morphs into a vision, then the commitment to make it happen has to be sacrosanct.   

Let us for one assume that this vision is a small seed that you were carrying around - protecting it from the elements and looking for the right type of soil to sow it - so that it can become the tree, that bears the fruits and flowers that you dreamed of.   And in that journey of finding the soul, you discover a bed, but it is not exactly a bed of roses - it has its own set of small rocks, sediments and roots.  Now, that is reality.  

Now, you plant the seed. The seed grows slowly.  You water, look at the elements and pray.  The seed slowly germinates - a small sapling arises.  This is the most crucial part in this journey.   The early set of actions in realizing a dream, is the most crucial part.   There are only two questions - is the soil right or not? But once you plant the seed, you need to stay with the sapling.  Statistics say that, a sapling that is not transplanted has never survived.
Relinquishers commit herbicide of the sapling!

Now, the sapling is the reality.of your dream  It HAS to be grown, and HAS to bear flowers.   That is what the gardener prays.  And anybody who aborts, is tantamount to committing herbicide. But in the human lexicon, it can also be called 'early exit'.

Few entrepreneurs have ever aborted, committed herbicide.   For them, even somebody aborts, the sapling is there, and is theirs, and will continue to weather the elements, adjust to the soil and grow.   The people who have relinquished, as Paulo Caelho puts it, ' have given up the Good Fight'. 

In short, the show WILL go on. With or Without the relinquishers. 

- Ashok Speaks


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