Saturday, October 12, 2013

#Startups : The Focus Is On You!

It is about exactly 90 days since we became operational.  It has been a mixed bag - there have been highs and lows.  As we approach a small milestone - our website launch,  there was one googly I had to deal with.

What is the USP? Was the eternal question?

A googly is about the unexpected.  And the googly is a simple question - how are you different?  What is your USP?  There are so many others like you - with varying degree of success.  How will you articulate your presence?

The questions were about Me?  As we try get our act together,  these questions remained unanswered.  Because we knew what we were upto, where to reach, and how to reach as well.  It is a journey, but taken step by step.  All else was in the business plan. 

We just had to make it happen.   So, after few checks, we started our engine in July.  Now we are in October - the season of festivals.  The buildings glow, the Gods appear,  lights and sound appear, gaiety all around, people seem to be happy - their dress and smiles articulate.  Now,  the question gnawed us for sometime. 

If we KNEW everything, why was this question of finding the uniqueness different?  Every other enterprise in this crowded space have articulated some form of aspiration, excellence about how good THEY are. 

And in a conversation I told - ' the concept of USP is actually self-defeating.  Everybody is the same, in that they are unique - for better or for worse!'.  It is the actual experience one would create that would be the testimony of  their uniqueness.   But how would somebody articulate uniqueness even before somebody got the experience?
The Focus is on YOU!

And the answer dawned.  And boy, was it simple?! It was, indeed.  The focus is on You.  You - the customer and You - the employee.  And all processes, conversations, deeds would emanate from focusing on You.   That is our commitment.   We just focus on You.  And we walk the talk, like everybody else.

As we prepare to launch our website - - a simple website, but will grow more meaningful over the next few months,  we simply say - The Focus is On You.

We encourage you to visit us at

Meet You there!

- Ashok Speaks


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