Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#Startup: If you are an IITian, start a tech startup!

While it is not a necessity, and never the Golden rule - why do IIT'ian s- both pass- and drop- outs go after consumer services? An e-commerce portal is neither a problem solver nor a tech startup. It is consumer services business. India needs technology to harness to solve problems both social and commercials. IIMs going after consumer services startups, understandable, but IIT'- no. IIT is designed to build engineers and technologists, who apply their skills and knowledge and enterprise to build tech startups. There are other technology or engineering students from other enterprises who may have great tech startup ideas, but won't be valued by investors. See the gap?

India needs chemical, manufacturing, biotech, metallurgical expertise, and all that is getting trained is going into consumer services startups- and out of which 3% succeed. And IIT's are funded by tax payers. If you are an IIT-ian, and running a successful startup, you are successful, but an opportunity wasted. Pure and simple. And how many of you have become‪#‎MeToos‬? And 'an idea can come to anyone, anytime' is crap.
Dont touch that investor's money, because it is for your alumnus status, and not for the audacity of the business idea. This is not stereotyping, but a call for IIT-incubators and alumnus to get back to the drawing board and look out for opportunities that core skills can come it. IIT degree is neither a proof of intelligence nor a label of pedigree. It was an opportunity for somebody to learn and then contribute. If you dont agree, it is fine. As I said, you may be successful, but not useful. thats all.

-Ashok Subramanian


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