Sunday, September 6, 2015

#Startup - Decision making: The 12 hour rule.

There is a time when a founder really has to dig deep to decide the way forward.  The time comes when the stakeholders have to be united with a goal and the past does not serve as a great example. This means that the earlier efforts and thought process had not been good enough.

One point is to put together the team and get the plan discussed thoroughly.  But there are always nunances that might be keep outside, more to do with the negotiation.   The best part is to bring simplicity in defining the goal ahead.  Define the goal and discuss within.  Then put it in a small set of words.  Problem articulation is key to resolution and ideation.
I recommend a 24 hour rule for any such decision making.  12 hours with the problem and 12 hours without.  That really takes your brain into a clearer perspective without getting into stress.  

It is good to put the problem that bothers you into an email draft or a note.  Then reflect over it for next 12 and let it go for next 12.  Mostly a perspective is formed.

I am now experimenting with this.  Will keep you posted.

- Ashok Subramanian  


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