Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Early Entrepreneur: The Heir of the Hair Raiser story

I was woken up rudely  I had to rush to the kitchen to prepare some dosas... and realized that there was already a nicely mashed flour( atta) in the fridge.  Now, that means that I need not have to reinvent wheel.  And as I was looking to narrate a inspiring story, a realization dawned that there is a story already baked, nice and ready.

The story in some parts a run-of-the-mill, but the inspiration came from real people. A bunch of young folks trying to eke out a living together.   A classical rural to urban, rag to riches ( minus the glitz), in the maximum city - a city that has inspired me to look for some character.
The heir of the hair raiser story was an emancipating journey

This HEIR OF THE HAIR RAISER story gave me a sense of completion, as I also got to participate as a character in the epilogue.  The three part story is now again referred back for those who might have joined late or looked the other way at my writings :) .
  • The first part covers the rural to urban movement.  Here is the link.  
  • The second part covers the birth of the entrepreneur... when the situation is literally back to the wall.  Here is the link
  • The third part illustrates the early days of the entrepreneurial journey ... how some simple and smart ideas made the endeavor tick.   Here is the link.
  • Finally, when the author, I , met them and walked through - reality meets fiction.  The epilogue was a emancipating experience.

Read this in conjunction, and enjoy.  Please do write to me your feedback -, is where you can reach me.

PS - this also is one of my first stories as an author, and I can talk about it ad nauseum.  Now fiction meets reality, which in turn meets my flights of fantasy about Early Entrepreneurship.

- Ashok Speaks


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