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The Early Entrepreneur: The final blog

This is the final blog in the Early Entrepreneur series.   The earlier blogs are listed below for a quick look-back.

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Now, over the last two months, I have spoken to a few entrepreneurs myself.  I found that the interest in starting of a venture to support early entrepreneurship, as they have agreed, is the need of the hour.

Now, there were typical questions about the tangibility of the idea, the type of organization, and more over, most importantly people want clarity on revenue models - there are deep pockets and we need to get across to them.   We have identified the revenue models, and it will be put across to investors on a one-on-one basis.
The idea needs a champion CEO
The need is to reach out to tier II and Tier III colleges, and impart upon both the students and the management about the power of the 'Early Entrepreneurship' story.   This itself is a educational-social- business venture, where we will stay put with the interested students.

How is this different from other people?  We have seen 'workshops' conducted, where students are taught about what is entrepreneurship, and we have seen investors waiting to see how good their returns would be.  But we intend to do is to create an association that discovers, fosters and grows with the idea to startup, and stay invested in that growth.  We have factored failures.

I don't intend to let the cat out of the bag, yet.  We have already identified what we can do, and what is the market and how it will work.   And the firm belief that this idea will work.   And therefore I intend to put the situation in front of prospective readers.  If you are interested as a consultant ( who can offer time), investor ( who can put in money), or an employee ( who can be part of operations), please write to me.

What we need now:
Need investors and consultants

The CEO:
What we need is a champion who can run with the idea, who can evangelize this across students and the college managements alike.   This champion will own the business plan, and structure and run the organization.  We expect this person to commit time, effort and a part of his/ her career in building this Consulting and Services venture.  

The Investor:
When you hear us out, you will understand how this is a powerful idea. We are talking to few people outside the laptop screens.  But this venture is large enough and needs all the support.   How will the returns be, we will discuss off-line, of course.

The consultant:
If you are a consultant in any area of financial services, incubation, soft skills, and commit certain amount of time per month, then we will put it up against the curriculum. 

For details, you can write to me at, or leave a message my facebook page ( Ashok Speaks). Look forward to your responses.  Meanwhile, I will keep talking to people.

 -The END

- Ashok Speaks


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