Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter is here...

As the rains receded, or should I say, one evening's rain marked the end of the rainy season without rain, in Mumbai.  November was a somewhat caught-in-between season.  Between two defined seasons, rain and spring.

Changes in head, and heart. 
From the earlier flower to leaf story, I was in transition in my work.   The work, creating a new professional universe,  has put my other priorities on hold.   Like the season, it is from a season it rained opportunities for me, and I took them with both hands.   Life is incredible.   One little thing that I learnt, live it day by day.   Then transition becomes fun.  Little changes that you can deal with.   Through my head, and heart. 

And to ride through the transition, there is the season of festivals.   Festivals that make the entire city, and the country forget the hard work of the past full year, their struggles through summer and rain, the daily sweat work of commute, traffic jams, the terror and the mundane.  

Festivities Galore!
During this entire period,  there are festivals.   And this community embraced each occasion with abandon.   I was the perennial outsider, the tourist.  But this city blossoming into a lake of glimmering lights, embraced me like an insider.    Be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Kali Pooja, Dassehra, Iyyappa Pooja or Christmas, the people roll up their sleeves, participate and contribute in many ways than one.

Beyond the ethnicity, it is the community that takes over.  While I will really take off on the festivities of my locale at Thane in my other Avatar - the Mumbler, the zeal and enthusiasm that the Thanekars and Mumbaikars show to participate and open up, as they call it 'bindass' taught me one aspect of life.   

Then life becomes beautiful.  As the mist embraces the morning sun, and the amber street lights,  there is the sweet welcome of music of piety and gaiety,  leading up to the new year.  There was a competitive half marathon that served as my comeback marathon.
A half marathon to the boot

As life looked up, the final stages of the first book takes  shape.   The characters mature, the threads tie to knots, and then untie.  Events correlate better.   At the cusp of the new year, when the Mayan Apocalypse passed without a blink, the year ends with sobriety.   The ghastly attack on a young woman in Delhi robs the season of its fun and fervor.

But this is a season to reason, and we need a dope of hope.  Life, and the show must go on.  The nation will and have to from its mistakes and the only truth is that change is permanent.   As the change happens, the season of winter is here.

-Ashok Speaks


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