Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lunar above, Lunatics below!

I was on my way to office, it was past 11 am - yesterday 2nd November 2012.  As I drove, my eyes turned to the sky, like on October 26th.  I am posting the facebook entry that day - that was at 5 pm, when I was returning, the moon was in the east, and the sun was in the west. 
Sun and moon together during
mid day,  seemed to be a common

As the car climbed the bridge, 
Out came the sun from behind the ridge, 
Going down, with all blazing rays, 
Throwing tantrums, losing all grace, 
Burning my right side skin, and bringing on a grimace, 
To avoid, towards the right, I turned my face, 
The sky was clear, serene and blue, 
And as if taking the easy cue, 
Early and out, came the moon, in dull- white, 
Saying that I am your companion f
or the night,
As the trees on the western side threw a curtain,
It would have made the sun angry, I am certain,
And with the pimpled faced moon as my company,
I drove in the crowd, like the cars so many!!!

Yesterday, it happened again.   This time, the sun was almost up in the sky, belying the directional sense, but the moon was hanging around in the west - almost reluctant to leave - looked like it was doing overtime!  Against the blue sky, it was like a faded dot, tired from the night sojourns.   

I drove on, and this episode, twice in succession, of appearance of sun and moon simultaneously - this episode lost in the countless thought-threads, and my car lost among countless others in the mid-day traffic.  

At lunch - my Marathi colleague, God Bless, offered me a beautiful dish.  Sabudhana Kichdi.   Little spicy, with pepped up potato - this was one the best dishes I eat in long time. Before others could devour the same, the hungry me - ate with delirious delight.   It seemed to be another isolated episode.    

And at night, I saw two tweets - of interest.   

Why don't men keep karwa chauth for their wives? Prithviraj Kapoor used to do so

The second one - 

Tweets about Karwa Chauth - lunatics?
Now connect the dots.   I saw the Chand  ( moon) during the day.  Had the sabudana kichdi - and I come across two odd tweets late night - one from a seemly feminist tweet targeted towards a simple tradition, and another an impatient one from a man who has became famous because everyone else is famous around him - his wife, his father and latest, now his daughter.   Both on Karwa Chauth - a tradition of fasting, and finally the act of the female partner seeing the moon along with the male.  

This was a completely lunar day - completely understandable that a cancerian, like me starting feel excited.   I looked at the sky, as I stepped out of my car. The bright moon smiled, like me, at all the lunatics below, lost in their daily gibberish, in social media and otherwise - saying ' it is my ( lunar) day, but it seems that the lunatics are down below'!

-Ashok Speaks

*This note is intended to be comical about the tweets and the incidents on that day, of the author, and not intended to hurt any person, dead or alive.*


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