Sunday, October 21, 2012

From Flower to Leaf

After almost 2 months - the turn around had began.   The sales coach, the writer and the near-entrepreneur, all now independently co-exist.  Now, it was for real.  The wait of 14 months, those long and painful, now over.  

The shadow of the giant flower
hovered over his destiny
Drawing from the experiences of the past, victories, and more so losses, and the things he learnt from them, the aspects of various stages of sales - all put together, and a sale done about that made me a sales coach.   With a helping and benevolent entrepreneur,  who was keen to derive the best out of his team and bring sanity gave me this chance to coach his team.  A proposal and couple of settings later, the decision to induct him as part of his team happened.  The experience was that of discovery - how one could, with their own efforts, and together, bring common sense into resolving situations, and learn together.   The adage ' no problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking' was he stuck as his coaching strategy - learn together.   The realization that with efforts and focus, the same people can bring better results to the table was a revelation.   It was good to hear from the team that the things learned during the workshop are really useful.   Only if they practice this continuously, he would have created a set of good sales guys.   Now, the road was wide open for future such coaching opportunities. 

Finally, the near-entrepreneur.   Ideas galore - blip here, blip there - disappear.   The monster of mundane consumed those night flies, called ideas - for too long.   The birdie chirped more more painfully, the pain turning into mental shrieks.  The smiling facade and the deal with the mundane continued.   But the shriek became like a violent flash bulb party - throwing laser lights and shades in the ever growing noisy party in the dark recesses of the mind.  But from the pressure of the mundane, and the forces beyond his comprehension ( should he admit?), well his fertile mind, and the ability to search and get it - got him to this wonderful person - a legend who wore humility up his soul.

Around Independence day, when the world was resting,  the near-entrepreneur was born.   Thanks to some spark in the mind, effort, focus, social media and the magnificence of humanity - this happened.   All he had to do was to now make the change happen.   

As the new leaf flew in the direction of the fragrance,
the shadow of the rainbow flower faded away
Finally, as he decided to leave the enterprise of the rainbow flower, he had grown into a writer with a publishing contract offer.  The offer was put on hold even as there were two chapters to go.  The turnaround had been overwhelming - both time and mind consumed by the sales coach and the near- entrepreneur, the writer and the blogger had to take a backstage.  But slowly, they had started coming out, like this blog - of the shadow of the giant flower.   On their turn, and terms.  He had turned a new leaf, now leaving the shadow of the rainbow flower, which helped learn, more than grow.  

As a new leaf, as he flew away in the wind, ever so gentle and fresh, with no certainty of where he would be taken,  he saw the rainbow flower - silent and far away, disappearing into time.   All he could remember was the sweat, blood that he had shed for the rainbow flower to grow, in his own little way.  Now, as the wind blew the fragrance of the new garden in his way, the new leaf, fresh and green floated merrily in that direction. 

- Ashok Speaks...


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