Friday, September 7, 2012

The writer's mind is a devil's wordshop

The ship has sailed out of the harbor.  The anchor has been released.  By the time the ship meanders its way out of the harbor channel, it would be Gandhi Jayanthi.   And around that day, the ship is going to hit the deep ocean.  In October, the eastern seas would be tempestuous.  But the western waters would be calmer - but there would be undercurrents and the usual tides.  The storm is almost over.

In this calm sea of life, the mind takes over.   There are hundred things I want to do.  But the primary focus now is to write - the first book which is now almost 7 months old.  There are characters waiting in the deep recesses of my mind to play their part;  there are events that are waiting to connect these characters and take the emotional journey of my story with me.    These characters talk to me, one or more at a time - and as the flow comes on, the long brown fingers dance on those black keys of my laptop.   The cursor moves relentlessly from left to right, and again to right occasionally to correct the typos.  Every now and then, hit the save button below.
Outside - the clouds move and sun comes
out - The act of Nature
Now, each word is a record of these interaction between me and the characters, as they jump in and out of my mind to take their turn.  They talk, they cry, they emote, they jump in joy.   The words build into sentences capturing these acts.   These sentences then become chapters and the book.   The stage for this drama does not physically exist.   It is my mind - itself a character, but has the super-ability to build a platform where the characters can jump on and act as it says - the mind is the director, the platform.
Inside:  The wordsmith- the devil's stage:
The laptop!!!

Then, there is a pause.   The mind assimilates the progress so far.  From nowhere, from a distance, as the eyes wander into oblivion, detached-yet staring at the rain drops falling outside or the leaves dancing, all wet and in the wind,  the next word comes out - from where, I don't know.   And another. And another.  The characters and the stage are back to life.

Outside, the leaves continue their wet dance in the wind.   The cloud curtains part, and the rain drops cease. Act 1 over. The sun illuminates the earth-stage with light.  The birds fly out to pick an insect - actors on the stage, directed by Nature.  Act 2, Scene 1 is on.  Inside, the wordsmith  - the devil is in action again in the word-shop, directing the action on the laptop.   Another chapter over  -Act 2, Scene 1.

- Ashok Speaks!!!


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