Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally the flower blossoms...

Life is what you see of it.  Make of it.  Feel of it.  And once you experience it first hand, things are so different.   Different - that is the operating adjective.  Because it has its good, bad and ugly.  But it is different.

All your five senses are immersed in it.   Touch.  See.  Smell.  Hear.   Taste - help us feel Life in its fullest.  The climate.  The people.   The words.  The actions.   The texture.   The taste.   The colors.  From these are born the adjectives.   And with that stories.   
The 5 senses immerse one in the
journey  of life.

And expression of those stories - pictures, videos, words, deeds, music, dance and drama.   The power of this expression gives birth to expressive art forms.  And define the animates and in-animates of time and space ( geography).   A full and firm imprint on the sands of history.   

From a personal experience to a historical footprint,  the myriad vistas of the landscape called life,  the course for this journey can be a roller coaster.  This journey of thousand stones, started with a first step.   The first step being writing about the step itself - about running.   

My origins as a writer was about my experience on running way back in 2008, when I started.   A run was an experience, such as life itself, and the compelling story and the compulsion inside to share it, gave birth the the blog - Musings of a Road runner.

And the expression blossoms ...
The second stage of evolution came through those painful experiences towards the end of the last Mumbai monsoon.   With red sleepless eyes, in those black silent nights, the heart was brimming like a cup of woes, and finally overflowed.   Overflowed in the form of blogs, then short stories and then the mystic of fiction.   The seed had grown into a cute little buds.  

And as we look at the bright skies of this unusually failed monsoons, the clear skies tell the new story - from a blogger to a fiction-novel writer on the doorsteps of being published.   The flower finally blossoms...

-Ashok Speaks...


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