Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mumbai Mumbles: Why did the chick(en) cross the road?

Life has been so quirky and an uphill climb these days.   Going through some role change and shifting of my house to Thane, with some real difficulties indeed - mind is tad wound up - and crushed like a han-ki out of a tumble drier.
Why?  Why?

North East Chronicles has been given a break till next week - Nagaland awaits its turn.   Even Mumbai Mumbles was to take a break till things settle down.   Cho do ( leave it), this is for the mundane.   The curious cat let the rabbit out of the hat - why did the chicken cross the road?
When I read about it in Wicki-pedia and posted on the facebook some time ago, there were some responses - but as usual, like a footnote remark, it did not derive any 'likes' or response.

Is a million $ question!!!
Is it a million $ question?   Ask the chicken, somebody said.  'The other side' said another.  'The other side means the nether world, said yet another'.   But the question itself is thought provoking, and the answer from anybody, or lack of it, rather reflects the attitude, ingredient, situation of the respondent.   

But below is another interesting perspective.  In my defense, let me submit that the event itself led to this discussion here.  

Last evening, Thane, 930?:  Immersed in a myriad thoughts, after a sweet inaugural run in Thane, I was heading towards a multiplex to watch a movie - an oxymoron.   The name was 'Houseful', but the theatre was empty! 

Well, let us get back to the 'I was heading' part.   I was in an auto, driven by a sweet old chap who was courteous enough to give me a ride for such a small distance.   There was couple of full-laden lorries and a mini-truck which was driven hither-and-tither like a headless chicken!   And all these people suddenly came to a screeching halt! 

The answer is: THIS chick(en) crossed
the road, leaving people in 

shock and awe
Here was this tall lady - dressed in all green tops and jeans shorts, with a green-horn ( very much looked her brother), on a two-wheeler, trying to look at something on the other side, and cross the road.

The chick ( pardon my language here), was using her long legs to push the vehicle slowly across - trying to be safe against the halted monsters ( the lorries-mini-truck and autos of the world!) and finding if it was the right spot to cross.   The bro behind was busy on a mobile-phone chat or video game? ( that is besides the point).

This spot is usually a naka-bandhi ( checkpoint), but at that time the barricades were off.   I just turned around to see our ol'sweet chap - the auto driver and the now-visible mini-truck driver.  They were staring at the girl, who was like an angel against the high-beam lights, with her shining helmet and long legs.   Their face was reflecting anger, shock and awe! 

Now, were they too wondering 'why did this chick(en) cross the road?'  My wound-up mind giggled at the situation and eased up a little, as we pushed ahead.   

-The One

(Pics Courtesy the Internet) 


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