Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mumbai Mumbles - da marriage - distant joy!

The sparkingly lights reflects
 everybody's delight
In life, simple events turn into unique experiences.  If only everybody could talk about it!   One such recent event turned into a unique experience.

It is a long time since I attended a marriage function.  Almost 4-5 years?  I had to attend this function of a colleague.  I went dressed in a Kurta and jeans.  

New to Mumbai, I took another colleague to get me there fast.   After a small tea break like how we do for long drives (well,  it was a 90 minute drive on a Saturday night, and I was in no mood, but still had to, you get the point :)  ) and then finally reached the destination.

The marriage was a Marathi marriage.   My first visuals of this kind.  So I could typify the event, but  let it be for some other day. We had to wait in a long queue.  The groom was dressed in a navy blue tuxedo and the girl was dressed in a nice flowing embroidered gown. Damsels dressed like angels,  Gentlemen looking their best and kids dressed in all colors. Everybody was happy and smiling. 
Car that would drive
the couple into dreamland
Couple of girls would laugh loudly at every joke a guy threw and few aunties flaunting their thick necks loaded with jewellery.   The hosts will all polite smiles were welcoming each invitee, posing for pics and ushering them to the dinner spot.

We wound out way up through the serpentine queue to reach the dias.  We gave our gifts, exchanged pleasantries and posed for a pic.   In this entire half an hour episode, never was life boring.   It was pomp, splendor and joy.  Everybody in the hall was sharing the joy and dreams of the married couple.   The air smelt of roses.  

Reluctantly, we made our way to dinner.   We had planned to skip.  Then we decided we will peep in.   A splendid display of North Indian and Marathi cuisine.  We enjoyed our pick and then the deserts.  Everybody left with lot of happiness and content.   Two lives were uniting, and their universe blessing them for a better future.

We stepped out to collect our car from the valet.   Outside,the cold air washed past our faces. At the entrance, the decor and the sparkling serial lights lit the trees, and magnified the opulence and splendor of the event inside.  Two cars decorated with flowers and ribbons, waited to take the couple into the dreams of married life.
The distant joy!  The entrance of the
marriage hall

Just near the entrance, two young girls were clapping their hands, and jumping in joy.   Their eyes sparkled with happiness, reflecting the color lights decorating the entrance.

Their dresses were torn,  hairs dishavelled, and little, bare feet covered with dust.   Nothing mattered.   They too were sharing the joy of the events happening outside.   They cared two-hoots about their looks and the fact that they had to beg and some good samaritan had to pay for their next meal.   It was just pure joy - even though, it might be their dream

The joy of these souls would never be visible to the bride and the groom.

It was a pure moment,  two pure souls enjoying what might never be theirs. The image stayed in my eyes for a long time, as I drove my Etios back home.

-The One

( Courtesy the One )


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