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Wacky-pedia ? Sh*t my kids ruined ...

Weird?  Wacky?  Annoying?  Laughing your guts out?  Kids can do wacky stuff.   Weird stuff - not for them.  Kids can have their own weird ways -  they can paint a kitten pink, rip a pillow apart and end up trying out things that they do - their curiosity is key to their learning and growth.  

Home Videos, with the advent of mobile cameras now, and cam-corders earlier - along with Video sharing sites like youtube or facebook have made it possible to share such whacky experiences.   One such video -  'Charlie bit me again, Ouch!',  apparently had more than 2 million hits and earned $100,000 in 3 years!  

The kids' acts - regularly part of shows like 'Funniest Home Videos' and now on dedicated sites like  are a rage.   Parents share and enjoy these wacko-kid acts.   Only that the cost of production of these sometimes can run into hundreds of bucks.

The news paper appearances on these wacko-kid acts, triggers a roll back my life to the early 80's- when I had my two cents of such wacky acts.   

Wacky pedia 1- The case of the Scent Rubber: (2nd Grade ,1981):

A scent 'rubber'
One fine afternoon - it was around lunch time.  Class was empty.   Those days, we used to be crazy about what we call as 'scent rubber ( eraser)'.   We used to proud of possessing one.   Stealing from a neighbour's pencil box was normal.   My father had bought me one, and from that morning, I guarded this white-and-grey rubber that smelled like a rose with all zealousness.
When every soul had left the class, I opened my box and smelled the rubber.   One deep inhale,  and in went the cylindrical shape into my nostrils.   My face turned blue, but I was calm.  When I walked out of my class, I was chided by my teachers and taken to the Principal's room.  My father was called.  He pedalled his Hercules bicycle for about 5 km from his office to our school.  When he reached, he was handed over a pale-and-breathless kid by the angry principal.  
My father took me to the nearby hospital. But none of us panicked.   The doctor walked in - I was given a glass of water to drink.  They made the edge of a napkin into a sharp knife like stuff, and tickled my other nostril.   I sneezed, and out flew the eraser like a missile.   My daddy would have had so much to share !!!
Wacky pedia - 2:  The Slate Burial ( 3rd Grade,1982)
Railway track
I remember this vaguely.   I did not know why I did it.  I could not explain then, and I can't now either.   I had a friend, who was a little slower  - well, he used to skip home work, and copy from me.  In those days, we used to write in graphite slates ( right from the Victoria era, I learn) with white chalk piece.   The slates were covered with wooden frames.
Once in a while, we both used to disappear from our houses for hours.  Father used to cycle around the neighbourhood to locate us.   We would end up being discovered under peepal tree or on the temple promenade,  even sometimes near the railway line at the end of our colony.  
On that day, typically sunny, we both walked past his house, my house and ended up climbing the mound from where we could see the railway track.   The gravel slid down the slope, and we made a mess of our uniforms while clawing our way up.
We used to enjoy the earth and the railway track shaking when the train used to come from a distance.   We spent about half an hour waving and shouting at at least couple of passing trains.   We counted the number of wagons attached to the engines and sneered if we missed one.  
A typical slate
It was time to do something wacky.   Out of the blue, we decided to bury our slates, and tell our parents that we had lost them somewhere.   We dug a foot deep hole, buried them, put some gravel over it and went home.   The sky was blue and sunny then, but we reached home almost near dusk - we had spent more than 3 hours there.  We never bothered that our parents would search for us.  
When we went home, we somehow managed to explain this wacky act away.   We were together in the same neighborhood for another six months, but I had a great laugh over it, whenever I remember.   I think, my friend, wherever he is, would also relive this moment.
There were some more wacky moments.   Such acts are buried in our memories and run in our mind like those short home videos.   We surely did have our own Wacky-pedia. And our parents would have thought 'sh*t my kids ruined'...

Only that,  Videocams, Internet and Youtube came couple of decades late.  

-The One

( Pics and Links courtesy Internet)
This article is in dedication to the innocent and wacky childhood behind everyone of us...


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