Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hole in the wall... The dilemma of the second air-con

These days split air conditioners are storming the market.  Split airconditioners make less noise and maintenance is relatively easy.  There are no need to modify window grills.  The indoor units of the split A/C's look cool, and blend well with most aesthetic designs.   

This festive season, the offers did become very attractive.  Brands like LG, Samsung have market volumes and hence offer good discounts.   The newer entrants like Lloyd or Videocon have set eyeball-catching- discounts to woo the likes of me.

One of those days in October, I walked into Vijay sales and bought a 1 ton Videocon split in lieu of the old Samsung window A/C.   The exchange made me poor by 10,000 Rs.

Our house, in Kandivili East does not have provision for Window A/C.  The building has strong usage codes.   Considering that we were not  used to staying in a rented house for a long time and not sure how long we will stay here, we decided not to riddle the walls with nail holes.   So all our portraits are either unpacked, or given off. 

The ready-made hole - using this could have cost me 9k!
The A/C arrived during the weekend.   We called the building electrician and the care-taker, and we tried to decide on the position of the indoor and outdoor unit.   Each room has a pre-drilled hole, for laying the copper pipes, and drain pipes .   The service areas to fix the outdoor units are pre-fixed and nothing could be done, said the building folks.   The math said it would be almost 23 feet of copper pipe! The technician drew up a quote of 9000 Rs!   For installing the 10000 Rs A/C!!   I packed the guy off and said will call later.

I SOS-ed my landlord in frustration. Couple of weekends later, he appeared along with his son-in-law who is in A/C distribution business.  After inspection,  they were handed over the 9000-Rs-quote and they were not amused.  I told them that it would be a permanent structure, and even after we moved, our successor could use.   They parried the request.

They finally came around, after half an hour of thought, and rescinded the no-hole policy and admitted that we could drill a hole near another service window, where all was ok.   But the electrical outlet - which could take a 6A load still had to be drawn.   This still awaits my action.

The unpacked second A/C
Frustrated at this condition, my family smartly shifted camp to my kid's study room, where we had installed the first air conditioner.   With better weather, the main bed room has become my office room.   And the birth-place for my blogs. ;)

And in this room, the new hole is yet to appear on the wall, and the new A/C still lays packed...

-The One

Pics Courtesy the One


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