Monday, December 5, 2011

Hit, twice over...

Life - a journey of endless breaths, twists and turns... a journey which we don't know when would end; In this journey of countless days and nights, you get past those blips...blips that you savor, but could forget.   

Sun poured honey into my eyes
A morning ride in a friend's car - brought in one such blip.  Closed eyes to avert the blazing morning sun, mild head ache.   The music changed to the soft honey-dipped voice of the recent Late Jagjit Singh.  Between the closed eyes, the sun was playing with its yellow rays.  

What a great jugal-bundi of visual and aural senses!   It stayed for about 4-5 minutes, till the car turned a corner, and incidentally the player  also switched to a different song.  

Really, one could taste honey - the yellow, sweet, viscous liquid - through the visual-aural cocktail.   Insane, but true.  The fleeting moment, just came and went.

And one of these afternoons - after a sweaty, uneasy nap, walked into the shower.   The water was cool - the right type of cool -just cool enough.   The water enveloped the head and the face, and everything beneath.   What a feeling - a tactile explosion it was... and the secondary sense took over.  

A double assault on the senses - from the shower head...
The water tasted sweet, probably the sweetest at that point, so much that the gustatory sense was titillated.   The tactile explosion and the gustatory titillation combined for another heady cock-tail mix - deep breaths, savoring the moment - knowing very well that the sensation was temporary. 

The dual blip shows hit last week, twice over.   And before one knows, show is over.

Each time, when the temporary pleasures disappear, the cacophony of the daily life returns...

-The One

( Pic courtesy The One and Internet)


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