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Chronicles of the North-East... The Prologue...

Every life has its adventures.  And lot of memories cherished, and lessons learnt.   One becomes wiser and life becomes richer.    In the three and a half decades of my life,  there never has been a dull day.   I believe it is so for everyone of us.  Most of us dont have the time or inclination to tell our stories. 

Each life is a long story to tell.  A journey of countless breaths, which has unexpected twists and turns.   Out of them some chapters stand out, especially for their enriching experience, cherishable memories.

Such a chapter in my life happened around the turn of the millenium, or the death of the ninety's.

There was this 3 year period in which I had everything -  the ability to decide, the monies, freedom to do what I want,  the attitude to step out to seek an adventure, a happy affair in a distant land... there was nothing I could have asked for more.   Such was life, then.  

In 1995, I had moved to Kolkata for my first job.  I switched jobs in 1998.   This was my first proper IT job.  

Six months into the job, I had couple of options.   One was to move to New Jersey, for some IT helpdesk support, and another was to handle entire North-East for IT projects and customer support.   I had a pretty-young-thing close to me at work, then.   She chose to fly out to take the job in the Unites States!

North East India - a key chapter in the author's life

I should have chosen the first option easily and become some $-rich guy, like most of my college-mates     The decision was easy.  Money or power.   Power!!! Money was ok.   Did not feel the pinch.  

Assam and sisters were enticing.  Now, you could ask me - what sort of decision was that!   Well, that is topic for another day.  

If you had visited a group of criminals in a den, been chased by an elephant at 3 am in the night, experienced a 4 hour ride in an army jeep - with soldiers totting LMG's cocked and ready to fire,  seen a grenade blast at close quarters, visited a militant idealogue's home, been interrogated by a scared dispatch of soldiers,  travelled with somebody who feared for his life, heard the language of the flute, visited the North-Eastern command, lived on mash potato and half kg of rice for 3 days,  been asked for your passport in your own country,  walked over the clouds and seen rain beneath your feet, dealt with 100 pound bugs in your living room, suffered a blackout during a mid-day with so many people around and can't see you,  when a cyclone follows you with endless darkness and rain, and had the ride of your life in a broken omni for 9 hours, when you realize that in your own country you can be an alien ... then you would not regret the decision you take.  Post facto- an awesome story to tell.

The Chronicles of the North-East ( Wikipedia : Read about North East) takes one across from Kolkata to Guwahati, Lakwa, Jorhat, Numaligarh, Digboi in Assam, Shillong and Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, Agartala in Tripura, Darjeeling in West Bengal to Gangtok in Sikkim.  

One thing is sure, every story of this chapter is etched in the stone forever in memory.   There are no photographs to support.  The pics are straight out of my memory.   Words are all that I have.  

Wear your seat belts, this is gonna be one hell of a ride. 

-The One


At December 19, 2011 at 7:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your narration, hope to be back to read more.


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