Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mumbai Mumbles :The Pigeon and the Eagle...

Eagle flying - view from my cabin
As I taper down in work, I look out of my window - busy traffic at the intersection.  Frequent honkings.   Humans - happy to be on terra firma.    Just as my eyes wander towards the sky,  couple of kites soar and saunter against the blue background.  

And just beneath my window, which is dirty ( my admin manager says will be cleaned when it is painted, which again, he does not know), I see some rumbling sounds - low throat;  two pigeons cuddle and then fly urgently away.

Pigeon at my window sill

What a similarity - these two very different avian species have adopted to the concrete jungle of the Mumbai city.  The kite is looking for an easy prey - a rat, a small snake, a birdling perhaps?   They live in the nearby mountains or tall trees, and scavenge over an easy left over from any of the eateries. 

The pigeons have made every nook and corner of the buildings their home.   They mate and live in the dark recesses of any building, making them a literal pigeon hole.  My window is home to couple of them.  The promenade outside my house have lot of pigeon poo, and my AC's external unit is unapproachable ( eik!).

While the humans run their race everyday, the birds have their merry.   They have lost their traditional homes, and there is no choice, but to adapt.   And they have,very successfully.  

And here am I,  recently having moved into Mumbai - and trying to adapt.   Now, in my office, I find answers - from the Pigeon and the Eagle!

- The One

Pics Courtesy The One...


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